The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition joined with community and business organizations here Monday to invite immigrants and their allies to buy from companies that support immigration reform.

"It's time to support the small businesses of Colorado that publicly (came out) in favor of the reform that is now being debated in the House of Representatives," Saida Perez Garrido, the founder of the Alianza Migrante Guatemalteca, said at the announcement of the Aug. 4-11 "buy-cott."

Garrido, the owner of a Denver insurance agency, said she had been surprised "by the support received from the business community and the public in general" in favor of this project.

Miriam Peña, with the Colorado Progressive Coalition, said her group, CIRC, Rights for All Peoples and other organizations contacted businesses in metropolitan Denver and in western and southern Colorado.

The majority of the businesses agreed to display in their store windows or on their doors a flyer indicating that the business is in favor of immigration reform, she said.

The buy-cott organizers will release the list of participating companies.

"Colorado residents will vote with their wallets," CIRC's Juan Gallegos said, while businessmen, upon seeing the importance of immigrants in the local economy, "will call their congressmen to tell them to stop impeding the country's economic growth."

All sorts of businesses have joined the initiative, including gasoline stations, stores, restaurants, hotels and farms.

Almost 10 percent of Colorado's 5.2 million residents are immigrants, according to the 2010 U.S. Census, and most of them are Latinos.

Among the Hispanics, estimates are that some 185,000 are undocumented. EFE