Panama needs experts in different sectors and middle managers and so it has changed its immigration policy to facilitate the entry of Spanish citizens, the Central American nation's foreign minister said here on Thursday.

Panama, "with the changes (that have been) introduced, has the broadest immigration regimen in Latin America," Fernando Nuñez Fabrega said in an interview with Efe.

"We're seeking everything, from hotel managers to waiters," said the minister, who on Wednesday presented to Spanish Health Minister Ana Mato the program whereby his country is looking to Spain to help it train healthcare professionals.

Nuñez noted that Panama had entrusted the construction of hospitals to Spanish firms and now it is seeking health specialists, as well as experts in hospital management.

But besides the health sector, the Central American country needs specialized personnel and middle managers in "almost all areas."

"I can't think of one we don't need urgently," said Nuñez, adding that among these areas are mining, the energy sector and tourism, "which is a great mechanism for our development."

"We need everything: cooks, bank managers, administrators, middle managers, we are totally lacking in those," he said.

Nuñez is in Madrid on an official visit and on Thursday he met with Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria before a working lunch with Spain's top diplomat, Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo. EFE