The Centro Fox plans to focus on research into medical marijuana use in Mexico and will seek authorization to set up a distribution network for the drug, former Mexican President Vicente Fox said.

"The problem in Mexico is seeing if an institution like the Centro Fox can do it and can create a network for supplying the product for (medical) use and then researching and learning from it. That is, if we want to take a leadership role and go in that direction, but I have still not been able to find out our chances," the former president, who governed Mexico from 2000 to 2006, said.

Fox spoke on Saturday during the third and final day of the U.S.-Mexico Symposium on Legalization and Medical Use of Cannabis, which was held at the former president's ranch and drew experts from the two countries.

"If we want to make the effort, we must coordinate and design the research, make it well structured along with the authorities, along with private health-care systems," Fox said.

The system of marijuana prohibition and punishment has failed because consumption has not dropped, but society has been affected by drug-related crime and violence, Fox said.

Mexico bans the cultivation and sale of marijuana, allowing people to possess just 5 grams of the drug for personal use. EFE