Spain's King Juan Carlos wrapped up his official visit to Morocco on Thursday with two events loaded with symbolism: receiving the golden key to the city of Rabat and inaugurating - together with King Mohammed VI - a youth center.

The satisfaction in Morocco with the result of this trip, the first by Juan Carlos after his March 3 back surgery, has been complete, as Prime Minister Abdelilah Bankiran acknowledged Thursday after bidding the Spanish monarch farewell at the airport.

The four-day visit leaves bilateral economic, social, educational and cultural relations on the right track, and the progress made in these areas will allow the two nations to strengthen mutual cooperation within their "strategic partnership," the objectives of which are delineated in a joint declaration made public on Thursday.

The declaration notes the "excellent state" of bilateral relations between Madrid and Rabat and said that Juan Carlos and Mohammed VI had encouraged their respective governments to "continue working along that line to develop even further this new neighborhood model between the two kingdoms."

After the release of the communique, the Spanish monarch went to the Rabat City Hall, where he was presented with the golden key to the city, an unprecedented gesture that had never been extended before to a foreign head of state.

The ceremony gave Juan Carlos the opportunity to publicly confess that the trip will leave an "indelible impression" on him as a result of the "hospitality and affection with which you, Your Majesty King Mohammed VI and the beloved Moroccan people, have welcomed me."

Juan Carlos afterwards accompanied the Moroccan monarch to inaugurate a youth center established in a poor community on the outskirts of Rabat.

The 15 kilometers (9 miles) separating the capital from Buknadel were decorated with Spanish and Moroccan flags. EFE