German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday called the structural reforms implemented by Spain "exemplary" and thanked the government of Mariano Rajoy for "the efforts undertaken" to ensure the Iberian nation's future.

"All countries in Europe have understood the need to undertake structural reforms," Merkel said at the close of the Economic Council of her Christian Democratic Union party, with Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria in attendance.

The chancellor also said that the budget consolidation periods and the push for growth are compatible, adding that she will focus her efforts on those two things if her coalition prevails in the Sept. 22 legislative elections.

"We will maintain the selected course," she emphasized at the close of the congress, where she presided along with Saenz de Santamaria and Dutch Premier Mark Rutte.

Merkel also alluded to the efforts made by Germany and its partners in the fight against unemployment, an issue that she will raise next week at a summit in Berlin with several European leaders, including Rajoy.

She said that achieving the reactivation of the labor market was "fundamental" and noted that Germany could contribute the benefit of its experience on that subject. EFE