The Movimiento Pase Libre, which has been heading the protests around Brazil since last week, called Sunday for a new demonstration this week but with different demands from those that initially brought hundreds of thousands of citizens out into the streets.

The grassroots MPL movement, which emerged in the universities and has zealously defended the concept of free public transportation, convened via its Facebook Web page a demonstration for Tuesday morning in a Sao Paulo suburb to express its support for the movements pressing for public investment on the outskirts of Brazil's largest city.

MPL was the driving force behind the demonstrations bringing Brazilians out into the streets to protest against the hikes in public transportation fares.

The massive protests forced authorities in the country's main cities to nullify the decrees whereby they had increased bus, metro and municipal train fares.

The movement said that its aim with the new mobilization will be to fight against police violence, for investments in education and health care, in favor of people evicted for nonpayment of high rents and for a reduction in the cost of living.

The new protest call comes after on Friday the movement announced that it would review its actions in consideration of the fact that, after achieving a rollback in the public transport fare hikes, the demonstrations it had sponsored were being taken advantage of by groups whose ideas it does not share.

The protests began last week in Sao Paulo and, initially, were exclusively staged to show public opposition to the fare hikes, but others added new demands to the agenda, including greater investment in health care and education, as well as criticism of corruption and the heavy government spending to organize high-profile sports events such as the 2014 World Cup instead of allocating those funds toward alleviating sources of social distress. EFE