A crowd some 3,000 strong marched Saturday through the streets of downtown Asuncion after gathering in front of Congress to denounce corruption and berate Paraguay's politicians.

Close to 3,000 people rallied in the Plaza de Armas, just a few meters (yards) from the National Congress, where union leaders, local politicians, activists and citizens of all kinds took turns addressing the crowd over a public microphone.

The call to stage a demonstration was made over social networks under the slogan "For a better Paraguay" and with a text that slammed lawmakers for voting bigger pensions for themselves recently, as well as for postponing a project that would provide Asuncion with new public transport.

The president of the Paraguay Attorneys Committee, Katia Gonzalez, told Efe that her association is one of the protest organizers, together with "various citizens' groups" that have been mobilizing for two years against political corruption.

"I believe the example that our Brazilian brothers are giving us had an influence. Why them and not us?" said Gonzalez, who estimated the crowd at some 4,000 participants.

After reading and improvising speeches for a couple of hours, several hundred people moved to the entrance of Congress, where, after some pushing and shoving, they were restrained without violence by anti-riot police.

Samsara, 22, a Paraguayan woman who had just returned with her family after living in Spain for eight years, said she was "sick of the corruption of politicians who rob us every day."

"It reminds me of the protests in Madrid - it's a revolution that's going on everywhere. Above all there has to be one in Paraguay, which is the second most corrupt country in the world, and where 60 percent of us are young people. We're Paraguayan 'indignados,'" she said. EFE