Tibetan writer Tsering Woeser, one of the most prominent defenders of her community in China, has been placed under house arrest in Beijing again after trying to schedule a trip to Tibet with foreign journalists.

"Seven or eight police officers and state security personnel" surrounded her and her friend, Wang Lixiong, also a writer, and took them to Woeser's home in the Tongzhou district in the eastern part of Beijing, the writer told Efe.

The two writers were taken in their own car, while a state security vehicle escorted them.

According to the author, who has also published messages on her Twitter account, this time - she was also placed under arrest last year for calling for an end to the immolations of Tibetan monks in western China - her arrest is a Chinese government move to prevent a trip to Tibet that had already been organized for journalists.

Woeser, who has already been in contact with some of the invited foreign reporters, was intending to make a trip to the "Roof of the World" on July 6-13, something that aroused the suspicions of the Chinese government.

Beijing does not permit foreign journalists to travel to Tibet - except on trips organized by the authorities - and during sensitive periods limits or halts the entrance of foreign tourists to the region.

The writer said that, on this occasion, her "arrest" was "more ostentatious" than earlier ones and that, during the ride back to her home, "(we) could not make any stops or even get something to eat."

Woeser said she did not know how long she will remain under house arrest, although she added that she suspected that it will be for at least a week, and "possibly longer." EFE