Scotland's referendum on independence from London will take place Sept. 18., 2014, Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond announced Thursday.

It will be "a historic day" as Scots decide their future after three centuries as part of the United Kingdom, he told Scotland's parliament.

The ballot will ask voters whether or not Scotland, with its 5 million people, should be an independent country.

Salmond, leader of the pro-independence Scottish National Party, submitted a bill that calls for British election authorities to supervise the process to ensure that the result is recognized "at international level."

Scottish lawmakers are already considering a measure to lower the voting age to 16 ahead of the plebiscite.

As in other local and regional elections, European Union, Irish and Commonwealth citizens living in Scotland will be allowed to participate.

British peers domiciled in Scotland and British military personnel registered to vote in the region will also be eligible to cast ballots.

The SNP gained a majority in the Scottish parliament in May 2011 elections. EFE