Mexican Sen. Jorge Emilio Gonzalez said Monday that he spent several hours in a police cell for refusing to submit to a breathalyzer after drinking four tequilas and knowing he wouldn't pass the test.

Gonzalez even used an alias when stopped by police rather than take advantage of his congressional immunity, he told reporters on Monday.

The incident occurred in the wee hours Sunday, and ever since has been widely covered in the media while inspiring a flood of jokes on social networks.

The senator said Monday that he drank four tequilas before being stopped at the wheel of his Mercedez Benz at a drunk-driving checkpoint in a residential neighborhood of Mexico City.

"They told me that with two or more tequilas the breathalyzer zooms up," Gonzalez said. Knowing that, he decided to comply with the administrative penalty in such cases, which orders 20 hours of confinement at a police facility.

The municipal Public Safety Office said that the senator's escorts, who arrived at the checkpoint soon afterwards, threatened to have the cops fired if they didn't let Gonzalez go free.

The lawmaker, however, refused to go along with those threats and praised the behavior of the police.

After spending six hours in the police lockup where drunk drivers are confined in the capital, the senator promised he would serve the remainder of his penalty next Saturday. EFE