Prominent Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez confirmed that she will travel to Brazil this Sunday, and celebrated on her Twitter account the beginning of "many personal and collective projects."

"I go to Brazil with my smallness, with my citizen's view of the realities of my country, I go with my words which are my greatest protection," Sanchez said Saturday on Twitter about the trip she will take this Sunday to Brazil, the first stop on a long journey that will take her to other countries of the Americas and Europe.

The 37-year-old opponent of Cuba's communist regime said that now is her time to have the experiences that Cuba's "absurd" immigration policy had denied her since 2008.

In January, Cuban authorities issued Sanchez the passport for which she could apply thanks to the new immigration overhaul that makes it easier for Cubans to travel abroad, after having refused her an exit permit some 20 times over the past five years.

That "exit permit" was one of the main restrictions on travel for Cubans, who, following the reform that went into effect on Jan. 14, need only obtain a passport to travel to other countries.

Sanchez said Saturday on Twitter that her trip abroad will "also be a chance to talk about why other Cubans cannot leave" the island, and said she will strongly denounce the ways in which, in her opinion, immigration reform is still too limited.

The author of the "Generacion Y" blog, who has been honored with numerous international prizes that she has never been able to accept in person, also plans to visit Peru, Colombia and Mexico, where she has been invited to the biannual meeting of the Inter-American Press Association.

She will also to go to Spain, where she was awarded the 2008 Ortega y Gasset Prize for digital journalism, as well as to Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Germany and the United States. EFE