The Republican Party rolled out a new Spanish-language Twitter feed on Tuesday, hours before President Barack Obama was set to deliver his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress.

The GOP has designated Cuban-American Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida to provide the party's official response to the president's speech.

Rubio, who will respond to Obama both in English and in Spanish, has been gaining prominence since the Nov. 6 defeat of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who had alienated Hispanic voters with his hardline positions on illegal immigration.

After the election, the Republicans began to adjust their stance with regard to the Latino community, 71 percent of whom supported President Obama.

The latest proof of the closer approach to Hispanics being sought by the GOP is the opening of the Twitter account: @GOPespanol.

After the presentation of the account, its first tweet was an apology for not being able to write the letter "ñ" in its commentary due to Twitter's typographical limitations. EFE