Crown Prince Felipe on Tuesday urged all Spaniards to be "much bolder, more ambitious and effective" in the mission to promote and spread Spain's prestige.

The prince and his wife, Princess Letizia, presided at the ceremony to award credentials to the latest crop of honorary ambassadors for Brand Spain, a group that includes Formula One driver Fernando Alonso, actor Antonio Banderas and chef Jose Andres.

"Spain continues to be one of the main economies and its companies are situated in leadership positions in many sectors," Felipe said.

The Iberian nation also has "an important projection with regard to technology and science" and is "a sports and cultural power of the first order," he added.

Brand Spain is important because there still remains "an important road to travel ... (to) better transmit and take advantage of the enormous potential" the country possesses, the crown prince said.

He reaffirmed the support of the monarchy for the work of the honorary ambassadors for Brand Spain and urged Spaniards to apply their "constructive energy, passion, imagination and vitality ... (to) consolidate" Spain's achievements and triumphs with "intelligence, courage, self-esteem and generosity."

Speaking on behalf of the newest ambassadors, Banderas said that he and his colleagues will "defend, extol and promote" Spain's name in the world.

The high commissioner for Brand Spain, Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros, expressed gratitude both to the Crown for its ongoing support and for the dedication of King Juan Carlos in defending the country's image. EFE