Xi Jinping, who is set to become China's president, on Thursday appealed to members of the governing Communist Party to be "more tolerant and receptive to criticism and points of view of the non-communists," the official Xinhua news agency said.

In his latest gesture designed to present a friendly and moderate face before taking power next month, Xi made these remarks during a party meeting to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

The party's Central Committee "should be able to accept criticism, correct mistakes it has committed and avoid them," he added.

At the same time, he urged those people who are not members of the Communist Party to "have the courage to tell the truth and transmit honestly the aspirations of the people."

In his speeches since being named party chief last November, Xi has frequently urged his audience to "do your best," and he has defended the fight against corruption after a year marked by a number of big scandals.

He also has lobbied for the "democratization" of the party, although so far he has not launched any reforms that would lead to major changes in the short or medium term. EFE