Recalled Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez Flexes for Camera as Bodybuilding Champion


Published January 23, 2013

| Fox News Latino

Flex you!

Former Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez, ousted from office in the largest recall vote of a local official in U.S. history, is now a bodybuilding champion.

Almost two years after he was booted from office, the former mayor competed and won first place in the National Physique Committee’s South Florida “Over 60s” Master’s bodybuilding competition at Miami’s James L. Knight Center on November 24.

The photos, first published by the Miami New Times on Tuesday, show a tanned bronze, ripped, and tattooed mayor posing for the judges wearing nothing but black underwear. 

Alvarez, 60, beat five others and his victory qualified him for the more prestigious Junior National Master's competition.

Local photographer Michael Sansevero told the Miami Herald that he photographed the event and Alvarez paid him $75 for the pictures and video.

“I was kind of surprised when I saw him,” Sansevero told the newspaper. “He must always have been in good shape, but he was in real good shape.”

The former county mayor and police director has rarely been seen in public since his humiliating recall in March 2011.  His employment status is unknown. The Herald reports Alvarez's networth is $1.74 million and he was earning $325,309 in salary and benefits when he left office as mayor. 

Alvarez was ousted after over 200,000 voters in Miami Dade County Florida voiced their anger over a property tax hike and increased county employee salaries. About 88 percent voted to recall him, making Miami-Dade County, with more than 2.5 million people, the largest area to recall a local official. Just 12 percent of the 204,500 who cast ballots were in favor of allowing Alvarez to finish his second term, which was suppose to end in 2012.

At the time of the recall, Miami political analyst Fernand Amandi told the Associated Press that disenchantment with the county government and elected officials has been accentuated by the poor economic environment in Miami.

"This has been building," Amandi said.

Like Alvarez's body.

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