U.S. President Barack Obama on Sunday took the oath of office for his second four-year term in a brief ceremony in the Blue Room of the White House accompanied by his wife Michelle and his two daughters.


Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts swore in Obama using a Bible belonging to the first lady?s family in a televised ceremony, which preceded the public inauguration ceremony on Monday that 800,000 people are expected to attend.


After the formal swearing-in, which lasted scarcely one minute, the president kissed his wife and daughters and said to Sasha, the younger of the pair, ?I did it.?


The first lady and Malia, 14, wore blue outfits for the ceremony, while Sasha, 11, wore pink.


According to the Constitution, Obama?s second term begins automatically on Jan. 20, but the public inauguration ceremony in front of the Capitol has been scheduled this year for Jan. 21.


At the Monday ceremony, the president will take the oath of office once again, this time using a Bible used 150 years ago by Abraham Lincoln and another that was owned by African American civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.


A record number of people are expected to attend the second inaugural, but the 800,000 planned for will be far fewer than the almost 2 million who gathered in Washington on Jan. 20, 2009, to witness Obama?s historic swearing-in as the country?s first black president. EFE