Shortly after taking the oath of office in January 2011, Florida Gov. Rick Scott returned a dog he had adopted while he was campaigning, something that became known this week and sparked criticism and jokes on the Internet and in the local press.

Not long after he became a candidate in 2010, the Republican politician announced that his family had decided to adopt a Labrador and even asked via the social networks for the public to help select a name for him. Eventually he was named Reagan.

The last time anything was heard of the pooch was a day before Scott was sworn in as governor of Florida, in January 2011, when he was last seen walking the animal.

This week the daily Tampa Bay Times decided to ask Scott directly regarding the whereabouts of the dog, after trying fruitlessly to obtain a response from his press office.

Scott told the newspaper that Reagan would not stop barking and that he was not very sociable, and although he never bit anyone, he scared people who were around him, especially those who were carrying things in their hands, and so the family returned him shortly after they moved into the official governor's residence. EFE