Madrid Deputy Mayor Miguel Angel Villanueva resigned Wednesday, two months after the Halloween party tragedy that resulted in the deaths of five young women in a human stampede, officials told Efe.

Opposition councilors had requested his resignation for having headed the municipal Madrid company charged with managing the Madrid Arena, where the huge Halloween party was held.

The opposition has accused the municipal government of giving special treatment to businessman Miguel Angel Flores, the party's promoter, by virtue of his personal relationship with Villanueva.

Flores has been free since Dec. 28 after posting bail of 200,000 euros ($264,000).

Villanueva denied that any favorable treatment had been given and said about the businessman that one "cannot be made responsible" for the actions of an "acquaintance."

"If he has gotten involved in an illegal act it will be his responsibility," the deputy mayor said at the time at a press conference upon being asked about his relationship with Flores.

Villanueva is the second municipal official to resign over the case.

The deaths of the young women caused great commotion and shock in Spain.

What occurred on the night of the tragedy is being investigated by judicial authorities but certain things are already known such as that the number of partygoers was 58 percent greater than the venue's legal capacity. EFE