The ambassador of Honduras to Colombia, Carlos Humberto Rodriguez, resigned his post Saturday following the scandal at his country's embassy in Bogota last Dec. 20, the Honduran Foreign Ministry said.

Rodriguez, now in Tegucigalpa, resigned his post after Honduran Foreign Minister Arturo Corrales asked for his "immediate and irrevocable resignation," the ministry said in a communique.

Colombian police confirmed that a party at the Honduran Embassy in Bogota was attended by at least two prostitutes, both now wanted by the nation's security forces because they apparently robbed two computers from the diplomatic headquarters.

The Honduran daily El Heraldo reported this Friday what went on at the embassy in Bogota.

The Honduran Jorge Mendoza, the personal driver until Saturday of ambassador Rodriguez, organized an improvised party at the Honduran Embassy on Bogota's north side, during which two prostitutes "stole two laptop computers," the newspaper said.

The Honduran Foreign Ministry has not stated whether the ambassador was in Colombia when the scandal occurred, though, according to local media he was on vacation in the United States.

The Honduran foreign minister this Friday named an "investigative commission to receive, compile and verify the information regarding the case in question." EFE