Spanish public broadcaster RTVE and Agencia Efe, Spain's international news agency, will share resources in keeping with an agreement that includes the consolidation of some foreign bureaus and the use of "shared correspondents."

The accord will allow Efe to reinforce its business activities abroad, according to the agency's leadership, which said the pact will allow the partners to offer service that is "more efficient and of better quality."

The agreement was announced Tuesday by RTVE President Leopoldo Gonzalez-Echenique before the parliamentary committee that oversees public broadcasting.

"With this agreement, RTVE will broaden its presence all over the planet thanks to the support of Agencia Efe," Echenique said.

In some capitals, including Mexico City, Bogota and Mexico, RTVE will transfer its operations to the offices of Efe as a cost-cutting measure.

The "shared correspondent" will have the profile of a journalist hired by Efe and trained in audio-visual techniques by RTVE, which will be the image of TVE in places "where up to now we had not arrived," Echenique said.

He said that the program will first be implemented in 2013 in Buenos Aires. In 2014, the firm will open two new correspondents' offices in Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo.

The agreement also establishes that Efe will guarantee assistance to RTVE worldwide, "wherever technical possibilities exist to do so from the audiovisual point of view, and at a market price."

Efe is the world's No. 4 news agency and the largest Spanish-language service, with more than 3,000 professionals working in 120 countries.

It offers text, photographs, video, radio and multimedia to the media, institutions and businesses all around the world in Spanish, as well as in Catalan, Galician, Portuguese, English and Arabic. EFE