Spain's Crown Prince Felipe on Monday met with seven young Hispanic leaders from the United States and exchangec viewpoints on Spain's circumstances and the U.S. political situation after the re-election of Barack Obama.

The young people are in Spain at the invitation of the Carolina Foundation (Fundacion Carolina), which since 1988 has given young Hispanics who stand out in areas such as politics, business, academics or the arts the opportunity to get to know Spain better and thus to strengthen ties with the United States.

The group that met Monday with the crown prince included people with positions in the U.S. government, Congress and political parties.

In fact, one member of the group had worked on the presidential campaign of Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

The Carolina Foundation pays special attention to this Hispanic leadership program, keeping in mind the cultural and economic weight of U.S. Latinos and taking note of their growing political influence, which is in many cases decisive, as in the recent election.

The 2010 Census places the U.S. Hispanic population at 50.5 million, meaning that one in six U.S. residents is of Hispanic origin.

In addition to the audience with Prince Felipe, this week the young leaders will have the chance to meet with figures from the Spanish economic realm, government and social and academic worlds.

They will visit Parliament and will hold meetings with companies and the media. EFE