President Enrique Peña Nieto issued a decree establishing measures to improve the use of Mexico's public resources by reducing spending and modernizing government.

The decree, published Monday in the official gazette, includes a cut in current spending as well as an evaluation of its organic structure and its programs to eliminate redundancy and achieve the "efficient, transparent and efficacious use of public resources."

Among the measures is a 5 percent reduction in salaries for mid-and higher-level positions and the elimination of positions deemed superfluous.

It prohibits the acquisition of properties without prior cost-benefit justification and establishes a process to sell off "unproductive or obsolete, idle or unnecessary assets."

Regarding government modernization, the document sets forth the incorporation of optimization, systematization and digitalization programs for administrative procedures.

The aim is "to improve and modernize the functioning of the government," something that will generate "additional savings that will be able to be reallocated to priority programs for the population," according to the text.

Peña Nieto's government last Friday presented to Congress its budget for 2013, which includes non-deficit operation of the public accounts on the basis of reducing spending and GDP growth of 3.5 percent, all while avoiding any tax increases. EFE