Spain's Crown Prince Felipe met here Friday with Mexican notables, intellectuals and opinion leaders in order to learn more about the state of their nation and also to explain the difficulties his own country is going through and the underlying strengths of its economy that will enable it to forge ahead.

The meeting took place at the residence of the Spanish ambassador to Mexico, where the prince traveled to attend the inauguration of Enrique Peña Nieto as the new president.

One of the participants, prominent intellectual Enrique Krauze, confirmed his confidence in the capabilities of the Spanish economy and encouraged Spaniards to look toward Latin America.

"When a person gets depressed, everything looks dark; it's very important at this difficult time for Spain take stock of what it has both materially and culturally," he told reporters.

Before the luncheon, the prince was able to speak with representatives of the Spanish community in Mexico.

In the afternoon he was scheduled to meet with outgoing President Felipe Calderon, who afterwards was to give a dinner for foreign eminences visiting Mexico for the inauguration.

Peña Nieto will take office on Saturday, after which the new president will meet with Prince Felipe. EFE