Spain's foreign minister expressed confidence Wednesday that Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will be one of the first leaders to visit the White House after U.S. President Barack Obama takes the oath for his second term.

Manuel Garcia-Margallo commented in a meeting organized by La Razon newspaper in which he said that Europe and the United States are the "main anchors" of Spanish foreign policy.

Garcia-Margallo said that Spain's foreign policy must also revolve around Ibero-America and the Mediterranean region, mainly the Sahel.

Regarding Madrid's decision to support on Thursday the resolution Palestine will present in the U.N. General Assembly to become an observer state within the international body, the foreign minister said that if Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas is not recognized the risk exists that Hamas will come into power, a situation that would be "bad news" for Palestine, Israel and the European Union.

The minister expressed the willingness of the Spanish government to help in Middle East peace negotiations, which he said should be pushed by the United States and the international community.

In those talks, he added, the EU should play a key part and Spain is ready to exercise an "important role" during this new period that "opens an opportunity for peace." EFE