Spain's King Juan Carlos is "in optimum condition" to be discharged after a hip replacement, but his medical team has convinced him to remain in the hospital for "a few more days" to carry out the next phase of his rehabilitation.

Orthopedist Angel Villamor, who headed the surgical team, said that the monarch could have left the hospital on Wednesday, but he convinced Juan Carlos to remain for several more days to carry out his physical therapy exercises there, although he could do them "at home."

The doctor emphasized that, far from causing a delay in the king's recovery, remaining in the hospital was suggested to "more efficiently and more rapidly" get him better.

Villamor also said that the monarch is walking "on his own" in his hospital room with the help of crutches.

The head of state underwent surgery lasting 90 minutes last Friday evening to replace his left hip, the treatment recommended by doctors to deal with the deterioration in the hip caused by osteoarthritis.

This is the third operation in the same area the king has undergone and his sixth overall in the past two-and-a-half years. Most of them have been to treat orthopedic issues resulting from accidents or problems related to bone wear and tear. EFE