Spain's King Juan Carlos is making a "very favorable" recovery after the hip replacement operation he underwent last week, doctors said Monday.

The monarch, after making "very important progress" in his most recent physical therapy session, "is getting up and walking on his own around his room," according to the latest bulletin, read to reporters by the director of Quiron San Jose Hospital, Javier de Joz.

On Monday morning, doctors began a new treatment after verifying that the initial inflammation caused by the surgery had subsided, according to the medical report, such that "the evolution of the surgical incision is correct," allowing the medical team "to intensify the recovery program."

The king was operated upon to replace his left hip.

This is his third operation of this kind, after on April 14 he had his right hip replaced and a few days later he was operated on again for a joint dislocation.

On Sunday, Juan Carlos received visits from Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and the entire Royal Family, including Iñaki Urdangarin, the husband of Princess Cristina who has not been seen publicly with the rest of the family for more than a year due to his involvement in a case of alleged corruption.

Doctors are still not speculating about when the king might be released fro the hospital, but the orthopedist in charge of the operation, Angel Villamor, said after the surgery that that could occur in three or four days with Juan Carlos expected to make a complete recovery within a month. EFE