Spain's King Juan Carlos is recovering "in a very favorable way" after the hip replacement operation he underwent last week, doctors said Monday.

The monarch showed "very significant progress" at his latest physiotherapy session, and now "gets up and walks around his room unaided," according to the latest bulletin read to reporters by Javier de Joz, director of Quiron San Jose Hospital.

Monday morning he was given a new procedure proving that the initial inflammation had disappeared, according to the medical report, so that "the progress of the surgical incision is proceeding correctly," allowing the medical team to "step up his recovery program."

The king was operated surgically to implant a prosthesis in his left hip.

This is his third such operation, since on April 14 he had a prosthesis implanted in his right hip, and days later was operated for a dislocation.

On Sunday the monarch received the visit of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and of the royal family, including Iñaki Urdangarin, husband of Princess Cristina, who has not been seen publicly with the rest of the family for more than a year, following allegations of his possible involvement in a case of suspected corruption.

Doctors would not venture to say when the head of state will be released from hospital, but the orthopedic surgeon who directed the operation, Angel Villamor, said after the surgery that it could be within three or four days, while complete recovery could be expected within a month. EFE