Russia successfully carried out the first firing of a supersonic cruise missile on Monday from the nuclear submarine Severodvinsk, media reports said.

"During some maneuvers in the White Sea, the Severodvinsk fired its first supersonic cruise missile while in a surface position," a military spokesman told the Interfax news agency.

A Unified Naval Construction Corporation, or CCNU, representative also confirmed the successful firing of the cruise missile.

The Severodvinsk, a 4th-generation nuclear submarine, is part of Project 885 "Yasen" and was launched on June 15, 2010.

The sub started undergoing technical trials in September.

Russia plans to launch eight subs in this class by 2020, including the Kazan, a ship in the modified 885 Yasen-M category.

The Severodvinsk can do 30 knots, dive to a depth of 600 meters (1,967 feet) and cruise for 100 days.

Each submarine in this class is estimated to cost about $1.56 billion. EFE