Spain's King Juan Carlos will remain hospitalized for three or four days at Madrid's San Jose Hospital after undergoing successful hip replacement surgery and should be completely recovered within a month, orthopedic surgeon Angel Villamor, who directed the surgery, said Saturday.

The Spanish monarch, 74, had his left hip implanted with a "latest generation prosthesis" that will allow him to stand and put full weight on his foot "immediately," the medical report, signed by Villamor and the new head of the royal household's medical service, Miguel Fernandez Tapia-Ruano, said.

The report also said the king has made "very positive" medical progress and "was able to rest without the need for analgesics."

The monarch will recover his usual pace of work "with no problems" and will be able to fulfill his official commitments, including travel, without limitations, since patients with these implants can "even practice sports," Villamor said.

The doctor said he hopes that this operation "will be definitive" and that the king will need no further surgery.

The hip replacement is Juan Carlos' sixth operation in the last 2 1/2 years.

Juan Carlos sprung the news about the operation while hosting a gala dinner a week ago Friday for attendees at the Ibero-American Summit in the southern city of Cadiz.

The king, who moved around on crutches during the summit, told his fellow heads of state that he insisted on delaying the surgery so he could take part in the gathering. EFE