The Mexican government has agreed to "study carefully" the charges made by the United Nations' Committee Against Torture, which said it was concerned about the use of torture in Mexico during the interrogation of people detained arbitrarily.

"The government of Mexico accepts responsibly the committee's recommendations and commits itself to studying them carefully in order to guarantee their adequate implementation nationwide," a communique signed jointly by the foreign ministry, interior ministry and the Attorney General's Office, said.

The communique added that "no impunity exists for committing the crime of torture, which is not now nor ever will be tolerated."

In its report on Mexico, the United Nations committee said that, for example, it views with concern the number of reports saying that, during the period before a prisoner is handed over to the AG's office, the person is tortured and abused in order to "obtain forced confessions and self-incriminating statements."

Such statements are "used to cover up irregularities committed in the detention center," the committee's report said. EFE