Spain's King Juan Carlos said Thursday that he is doing "very well, terrific" at a Madrid hospital where he underwent the last test prior to surgery on his left hip.

The monarch returned to his residence at Zarzuela Palace after a bone density test was performed on the hip at Madrid's USP San Jose Hospital, the Royal Palace told Efe.

After the successful test, everything appears to be pointing toward the king undergoing surgery on Friday, although the palace did not confirm that.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Juan Carlos opened his vehicle's window to speak with reporters waiting there and said that he would not remain at the hospital after the test, and when asked how he was feeling, replied: "Very well, terrific."

The Royal Palace did not say when the king would return to the hospital for the operation, which will include installing an artificial hip to eliminate the problems he has been having as a result of degenerative osteoarthritis.

The surgery will be performed by a medical team headed by orthopedist Angel Villamore, just like the operations he underwent on his right hip last April.

Juan Carlos had to use two crutches to walk during the Ibero-American Summit, which he hosted in the southern Spanish city of Cadiz last Friday and Saturday.

During that conference, he announced that he would undergo hip surgery, an operation that he said he had postponed to be able to participate in the summit. EFE