Chihuahua will become the first Mexican state to use satellite-tracking bracelets to protect domestic violence victims from further harm, officials said.

The bracelets, which are similar to a watch, will be placed on aggressors' wrists on a judge's order, while the victim will carry an electronic transmitter that is smaller than a cellphone.

The devices will be monitored 24 hours a day by the Chihuahua Public Safety Secretariat's Control, Communications and Computing Center, which will be able to detect if the aggressor gets closer to the victim than legally permitted.

The victim will be able to request police intervention or officers can send the aggressor a message via a mouthpiece on the bracelet.

The goal is to keep the aggressor away from the woman, particularly in instances of serious violence in which the victim has received death threats.

The project will be launched in Chihuahua with 25 bracelets valued at 836,000 pesos (about $64,000). They are to be placed on domestic violence aggressors in that northern state by year's end.