Independent Cuban attorney Yaremis Flores, whose detention in Havana this week set off a wave of political arrests, was freed Friday night, the opposition Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation, or CCDHRN, said Saturday.

Commission spokesman Elizardo Sanchez told Efe that Flores was released Friday night without any formal charges brought against her, though still under arrest are the activist and director of the State of SATS project Antonio Gonzalez Rodiles, the photographer Claudio Fuentes and writer Angel Santiesteban.

Flores, an adviser to opposition groups, was arrested Wednesday in Havana by the government, which on the same day and on Thursday arrested a total of 27 dissidents.

Eleven of the arrests took place Wednesday and 16 the next day when a group of dissidents and activists went to a Havana police station to ask about the situation of those arrested the day before.

The list of those in custody included the blogger Yoani Sanchez, opposition member Guillermo Fariñas, and the ex-political prisoners of the Group of 75 Angel Moya, Felix Navarro, Ivan Hernandez Carrillo, Eduardo Diaz Fleitas and Librado Linares, all of whom have since been released.

The so-called Group of 75 was made up of opposition members sentenced to prison during the government crackdown known as the Black Spring of 2003. EFE