Rep. Raul Grijalva, who is seeking another term in Congress from a newly redrawn district in southern Arizona, is urging his fellow Latinos to head to the polls on Nov. 6.

"This election is key - the Hispanic community must get out and make a strong showing at the polls," the Democrat told Efe in an interview.

The congressman said it's important for Hispanic voters to make their voices heard.

Proud of his roots, the Tucson native is the son of a Mexican immigrant who came to the United States in 1945 as part of the Bracero program for guest farmworkers and worked in the fields of southern Arizona.

After long stints on the Tucson school board and the Pima County Board of Supervisors, Grijalva ran for Congress in 2002, winning easily.

Due to redistricting, Grijalva this time is seeking election to represent the newly formed 3rd District.

At the polls he will face off against Tea Party Republican Gabriela Saucedo Mercer, a Mexican immigrant.

Mercer has attacked Grijalva for his opposition to the controversial state law SB 1070, the first in the country to criminalize the presence of undocumented immigrants, and for having been one of the first politicians to openly support a boycott against Arizona after that law was passed in 2010.

"Seems like that's the only song on that guitar," Grijalva said with reference to Mercer's criticism.

"We can see what negative consequences the passing of SB 1070 has had for our state in matters of the economy and trade with Mexico," he said.

The congressman now prefers to focus on other topics that he says are of great importance to the Hispanic community, such as education and obtaining more funds for public schools.

Grijalva is currently campaigning in favor of Arizona's Proposition 204, which if passed would establish a permanent sales tax to fund public education in the state.

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