The United States and the European Union must ensure Spain surmounts its current economic woes, President Barack Obama said Monday in an interview with Colombia's La W Radio.

He responded to the interviewer's suggestion that Obama's recent comments on the EU economic situation have focused on Spain to the exclusion of other troubled European countries.

"I don't refer just to Spain," the president said. "We've worked very hard to make sure that all of the European Union recognizes they need to work together to solve this problem."

"Spain is the country that is the biggest and so we can't allow Spain to - you know - unravel, and Greece, obviously, has even bigger problems than Spain, but it's a much smaller country," Obama said.

The president also noted that Italy "has problems like Spain in terms of being able to finance their government."

"(W)hat we've tried to do is to encourage all the countries in the region to come together to make sure that Spain, even as it's engaging in current reforms, are getting support from other countries like Germany that will over the long term make all of Europe more prosperous," Obama said.

"And by the way," he added, "that will make a big difference in terms of the U.S. economy as well, because Europe is our biggest trading partner and the better that Europe's economy is doing, the better that we're going to do." EFE