A granddaughter of slain Chilean President Salvador Allende was elected mayor of the capital district of Ñuñoa, electoral authorities said Monday.

Maya Fernandez Allende, running on the Socialist Party ticket, defeated rightist Pedro Sabat in Sunday's election by a mere 92 votes.

"I will always be willing to help her," Sabat said of his victorious opponent.

Fernandez Allende, 41, is the offspring of the president's daughter Beatriz Allende and Cuban diplomat Luis Fernandez Oña and spent nearly half her life in Cuba.

Beatriz Allende killed herself in 1977, four years after her father took his own life as troops sent by coup leader Gen. Augusto Pinochet stormed the Chilean presidential palace.

Another notable result on Sunday was the victory of Carolina Toha, government spokesperson under President Michelle Bachelet, who left office in 2010, in the race for mayor of the Santiago Centro district.

Her father, Jose Toha, was a minister in Salvador Allende's Cabinet who died in the custody of the Pinochet regime.

The winner in the Huechuraba district was the grandson of another of Pinochet's victims, Gen. Carlos Prats, a former army commander killed by the Chilean secret police in 1974 while living in exile in Argentina. EFE