Reporters Without Borders, or RSF, called upon Mexican President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto to make concrete "commitments" to guarantee the safety of journalists in his country on the European tour he will wrap up later this week in Paris.

In an open letter, RSF asks Peña Nieto if on Thursday at the "Changes in Mexico and their role in the panorama of global change" conference at the headquarters of the Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development, or OECD, he will make reference to the "tragic toll of a decade of extreme violence in your country."

The letter, entitled an "Open letter to president-elect of a country with 100 dead or missing journalists" over the past decade, reviews some of the latest cases of anti-press violence in Mexico.

It refers specifically to the case of 53-year-old Ramon Abel Lopez Aguilar, photographer and editor of the "Tijuana Informativo" Web site, who was murdered in the northwestern city of Tijuana on Oct. 15, and to Ruy Salgado, alias "El 5anto," a Mexico City blogger, who vanished on Sept. 8.

RSF asks Peña Nieto "What justice will be rendered?" in Mexico after he is sworn in as president on Dec. 1 and "What sustainable judicial system will allow the rule of law to be restored?"

"And which constitutional guarantees will at last be applied so that journalists, bloggers, human rights defenders, civil society representatives and now also electoral transparency activists are able to exercise their freedom to obtain and impart information and question the authorities without fear of being harassed or killed?" RSF asks.

The Paris-based press freedom organization says that these questions "are the key challenges that need to be addressed during your six years as Mexico's president."

And it warns that as "a watchful and unforgiving observer, Reporters Without Borders will press you for answers."

Peña Nieto is scheduled to meet with French President Francois Hollande on Wednesday and he will conclude his European tour the following day. EFE