The Mexican government strongly denounced the homicide of a minor by U.S. agents on the border between Nogales, Mexico, and the likenamed Arizona city.

The Foreign Relations Secretariat expressed in a communique Mexico's "energetic condemnation" of the incident that occurred Wednesday on the border when Border Patrol agents opened fire and killed the minor.

"The disproportionate use of lethal force by the army engaged in immigration-control duties is unacceptable under any circumstances," the statement said.

It added that cases like this, "particularly because of their recurrence," have sparked the resentment of Mexicans and of all the powers and political parties in the country.

The secretariat spoke of the need to be completely transparent about what happened, as well as about the policies and concrete actions employed by the United States government to deal with this serious bilateral problem.

It said that the Mexican Consulate in Nogales, Arizona, immediately asked United States authorities "to pursue an exhaustive, opportune and transparent investigation to its final consequences and that all the corresponding sanctions be imposed."

The secretariat said that the same demand was transmitted through diplomatic channels, and added that the Mexican govenment will study closely all the explanations and conclusions offered by United States authorities.

It also instructed the consulate to offer any assistance and legal counseling needed by the dead youth's family.

For their part, the statement said, federal and state authorities have launched a probe to establish responsibilities.

Finally, the Mexican government expressed its commitment to work with the U.S. to guarantee the "implementation of the Joint Mexico-United States Agreement on the Prevention of Violence in the Border Region and of the Protocols for the Prevention of Border Violence." EFE