Argentine President Cristina Fernández rarely takes questions during press conferences. But during a speech at Harvard University this week, she plans to take unscripted questions.

That has thousands of Argentine’s going to the Harvard event page to encourage audience members to challenge the president on her policies. The page has drawn more than 5,000 comments, many in Spanish and from Argentines, urging the crowd to ask questions they cannot ask in their home country.

Commenters abroad have taking to posting what they would ask her on the forum site.

Fernández's leadership in economic policy has polarized the country, and many comments criticize her.

Fernández is on a U.S. tour that includes a United Nations speech.

She will speak at Harvard's Kennedy School Thursday at 5:30 p.m. The forum will be streamed online.

Fernández is on a US tour this week with a message for critics on Wall Street and in Washington who say Argentina is headed for economic disaster by refusing to play by the rules of the global financial system: good riddance to the rules.

Her government has racked up a long list of unpaid IOUs while helping the country recover from its humiliating, world-record debt default a decade ago, but Fernández argues Argentina's economic rebound has been possible precisely because its leaders have stood up to foreign pressures and put their people first.

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