King Juan Carlos warned in a letter posted on the Internet about those in Spain who spark "discord," pursue "illusions" and aggravate wounds at a time of difficult economic circumstances that can only be overcome by working together.

"We're at a decisive moment for the future of Europe and of Spain, when we can either ensure or destroy the well-being that has cost us so much to achieve," the monarch said, reflecting on the dangers threatening Spanish society.

The king warned that "in these circumstances, the worst thing we can do is divide forces, encourage discord, pursue illusions, deepen wounds."

The letter opened with an introduction in which the head of state expressed his concern about the current economic and political situation, and said "we can only overcome the present difficulties by working together, walking together, uniting our voices."

In his second argument he said that "out of union and harmony we must recover and strengthen the values that have meant so much during the finest moments of our complex history and that particularly shone in our transition to democracy." EFE