Spain's King Juan Carlos on Thursday met with Ibero-American Secretary-General Enrique Iglesias to review the preparations for the Ibero-American Summit that will be held in Cadiz in mid-November.

At the summit, cooperation among the countries of the region will be adjusted to fit the new realities of the international environment.

King Juan Carlos welcomed Iglesias to the royal residence at Zarzuela Palace, calling him "my good friend," and later the pair conversed behind closed doors about the organization of the Cadiz summit and the prospects for Ibero-America.

The southwestern Spanish coastal city will host the 22nd Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government on Nov. 16-17 and the slogan for this year's gathering will be "A renewed relationship on the Bicentennial of the Cadiz Constitution."

The meeting will be an "opportunity to rethink the role and the value of cooperation in the Ibero-American environment ... (and) to adapt it to the new realities," Iglesias said.

The Uruguayan economist of Spanish origin has held the post of Ibero-American secretary-general since October 2005.

Earlier in his professional career, he served as Uruguayan foreign minister and was president of the Inter-American Development Bank for 17 years. EFE