Spain's government "respects" as "legitimate" Brazil's decision to raise its tariffs on 100 products to protect its industries, Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo said Saturday.

The Iberian nation's top diplomat, who took part Friday and Saturday in a meeting with his European Union counterparts in this Cypriot city, noted that Brazil is acting "within the terms authorized by the competent trade organizations."

"It is therefore a legitimate decision that the Spanish government respects," he said in response to reporters' questions.

Spain and EU nations will be affected by the increase in customs duties on a long list of products largely made up of intermediate goods like electric equipment, resins, methacrylate and plastics, laminates, tubes, paper, bricks and glass.

Brazil has also moved to boost tariffs on tires, motors, freight cars, consumer products like plastic articles for household use, and cooking utensils. EFE