Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was officially nominated here Tuesday by the Republican Party to be its presidential candidate in the Nov. 6 election.

The delegates present in the convention hall announced, state by state, their votes and - as had been expected - Romney and his chosen running mate, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, received a majority.

Romney, 56, has finally seen his dream of getting the Republican nomination come true after failing in his presidential bid in 2008 and this election cycle having to go through a long and bitter primary campaign where he was faced with almost a dozen rivals.

In the Tuesday vote, one of those rivals, anti-war libertarian Ron Paul, resisted calls to throw his support behind Romney.

Romney is scheduled to address the convention delegates on Thursday evening with an acceptance speech in which he will discuss his strategy to win the White House back for the Republicans.

The former governor is presenting himself to voters as someone who founded and successfully managed an investment firm - Bain Capital - saved the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City from bankruptcy and led the state of Massachusetts, where he reduced the deficit and implemented a health care coverage system that ended up inspiring Democratic President Barack Obama's nationwide plan. EFE