President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney have accepted an invitation to take part - separately - in forums discussing matters of Hispanic interest organized by Univision, the leading Spanish-language television network in the United States.

The network announced in a communique that its two forums dubbed "Meet The Candidate" will air live, moderated by top Univision news anchors Jorge Ramos and Elena Salinas.

Univision said that it will provide more details about the format and the date during the coming weeks.

For now, it has said that the forums will be broadcast live before an audience and will deal with education and the future of the Hispanic community, the country's largest and fastest-growing minority.

"These events speak to President Obama and Governor Romney recognizing the important role Hispanic America will play in the elections and in defining the future of our country," Univision News President Isaac Lee said.

The announcement comes days after Ramos called the absence of a Hispanic or African-American moderator in the upcoming presidential debates a "grave omission."

The Commission On Presidential Debates announced that Candy Crowley of CNN, Jim Lehrer of PBS and Bob Schieffer de CBS News will moderate the three presidential debates, while ABC News' Martha Raddatz will handle the debate between the vice-presidential candidates.

The Hispanic vote had an important influence on the last presidential election in 2008 and is expected to have a significant role this year in swing states like Nevada and Florida. EFE