The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce said Tuesday that the U.S. election campaigns are not devoting enough attention to Hispanic voters in proportion to the Latino community's demographic weight in the country.

"It reflects a certain ignorance and lack of understanding by the political campaigns about how the Hispanic community can influence the election result and about how Latinos inform themselves via the Spanish-speaking networks," USHCC President Javier Palomarez told Efe.

According to the business group, an average of 4 percent of the spending on election campaign ads is directed to Spanish-language radio, despite the fact that about 11 percent of the country's registered voters are Hispanics.

Therefore, the USHCC, which represents tens of thousands of Latino businesses, asked for the political campaigns to invest more on advertising in Spanish-language media.

To analyze and represent the importance of the political ads in Spanish, the USHCC on Tuesday presented a joint initiative with a media ratings firm that will tally election advertising in several states with a heavy Hispanic presence. 

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