The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce warned Tuesday that U.S. electoral campaigns do not give enough attention to Hispanic voters in proportion to the Latino community's demographic presence in the country.

"It reflects a certain ignorance and lack of understanding in political campaigns about how the Hispanic community can influence the results of the election and about the fact that Latinos get their news on Spanish-speaking networks," USHCC President Javier Palomarez told Efe.

According to the business association, an average of 4 percent of the electoral advertising budget goes to Spanish-language radio, though the Hispanic community's proportion among registered voters is expected to be around 11 percent in November's presidential election.

For that reason the USHCC, which represents tens of thousands of Latino companies, asked that political campaigns invest more in advertising on Spanish-language media.

To analyze and show the importance of political ads in Spanish, the USHCC unveiled Tuesday a joint project with a media ratings firm to compile electoral advertising in about 10 states where the Hispanic community has a strong presence. EFE