President Barack Obama's re-election campaign on Thursday launched a new advertisement in Spanish featuring popular Hispanic talk-show host Cristina Saralegui.

The new ad will be used on television and radio in the states of Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia, all of which will be key states in deciding the winner of the president election in November and which are areas where the Hispanic vote will be a significant factor, the Democrats said in a communique.

In the new ad, Saralegui - known as the "Hispanic Oprah" - defends the actions of the Obama Administration during the economic crisis, in health care matters and education, and she emphasizes the gains achieved in foreign policy.

"It makes me laugh when some say that President Obama hasn't done anything. Really?" the Cuban-born TV host says.

Saralegui, who has already appeared in several of Obama's campaign videos, is not the only famous Spanish-speaking person to support his 2012 reelection campaign: singer Marc Anthony and actress Eva Longoria also have been calling upon Democrats to get out and vote over the past few months.

In addition, the campaign has released videos with the testimonials of citizens in Spanish who support the health care reform package promoted by the Obama Administration. EFE