Rosane Collor, ex-wife of former President Fernando Collor de Melo, said in a television interview that the former head of state practiced black magic rituals while governing Brazil from 1990 to 1992.

"They (Collor de Melo and the group of advisers closest to him) performed black magic rituals but not with my participation, because in some things I did participate, but mostly I refused to take part," the former first lady told Globo television's "Fantastico" program.

The former first lady, who was married to the ex-president for 22 years until their separation in 2005, confirmed the revelation about black magic rituals made in 1992 to Veja magazine by Pedro Collor de Melo, the former head of state's brother who died of brain cancer in 1994.

"There were doings in cemeteries, very powerful rituals, and with animals it was a complete slaughter of the chickens, oxen, cattle and other animals that were sacrificed. When I met Fernando he was already frequenting such scenes and after we were married he practiced" those acts, the former first lady said.

The rituals were led by a witch named Maria Cecilia, now an evangelical pastor like Rosane herself, who appeared beside Collor de Melo in several photos at the time he was head of state.

Maria Cecilia recommended to Collor de Melo, who currently holds a seat in the Senate and is allied to President Dilma Rousseff, that white clothing be used and an altar for black magic be installed in the Casa da Dinda, the family's private home in Brasilia, the former first lady said.

When Maria Cecilia became a pastor and launched a disc of evangelical music, she told Epoca magazine about the rituals practiced by the ex-president, but a reported telephone threat by Collor de Melo stopped Rosane from accompanying the new cleric in the launch of her album and from confirming her revelations.

Collor de Melo was president of Brazil between March 1990 and December 1992, when he resigned amid a huge corruption scandal that cost him all his political rights until 2006, when he was pardoned and was later elected senator from his native state of Alagoas, an office he still holds.

While confirming the black magic stories, Rosane denied that her ex-husband had anything to do with the assassination of the man who was his chief adviser and treasurer during the 1989 presidential campaign, PC Farias, who died in strange circumstances in 1993 when he was out of prison on bail.

"I consider myself a living archive and if something happens to me, the one responsible will be Fernando Collor de Melo," the former first lady said, adding that her ex-husband is afraid of the book she is writing in which she promises to divulge all the details of the rituals and the obscure relations with PC Farias, among other secrets.

"Fernando was the great love of my life, but also my great disappointment," the former first lady, who was only 26 when Collor de Melo took office, said. EFE