A flyby staged over the weekend by Brazilian warplanes during a flag ceremony in Brasilia shattered windows in several public buildings, including the Supreme Court, the air force said.

Two Mirage 2000s were taking part in the flyby over the Plaza of the Three Branches on Sunday when "a shock wave caused damage to the windows of some public agencies," the air force said in a brief statement.

Military commanders have ordered an investigation and repairs to the damaged buildings, the air force said.

The flag ceremony takes place once a month in the capital.

The air force's flight demonstration squadron was scheduled to perform at Sunday's ceremony, drawing scores of people into Brasilia's streets for the event.

"A plane went by very low, causing a dust cloud to rise, the ground shook and the windows shattered," student Lucas da Silva told the G1 news Web site.

The Air Demonstration Squadron, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, organized the flight exhibition. 

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