Isaac Humala, the father of Peruvian President Ollanta Humala, said that he has broken off relations with him since the chief executive's younger brother Antauro was jailed at Callao Naval Base.

"I have broken with Ollanta because he is the one who put Antauro there," Isaac Humala said in a statement published Saturday in the daily La Republica.

Antauro Humala, an ex-army major, is serving a 19-year sentence for having led a rebellion in 2005 during which four police officers and two former soldiers were killed in the Andean region of Andahuaylas.

Antauro, who will be 49 on Friday and is a severe critic of his brother's administration, was taken last April 2 from Virgen de la Merced Prison at the Chorrillos Military School to a lockup at the Callao Naval Base.

In early June, Isaac Humala announced he was going to file a complaint with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, or IACHR, about the torture suffered by Antauro when he was being moved from one prison to another.

The president's father added Saturday that moving Antauro was done under Ollanta's direct orders and said that he has also presented the case before Peru's Constitutional Tribunal, or TC.

"The supreme decree for jailing his brother at the naval base is signed in Ollanta's own handwriting," he said.

Antauro Humala is also being prosecuted for the presumed privileges he received while a prisoner at the civilian penitentiary of Piedras Gordas, in the Lima district of Ancon. EFE